Our district deserves someone who fights for the issues of the future, the spirit of the past, and the struggles of today. We deserve someone who lives and breathes our district.

Someone not here for a career. Someone here to be...



My name is Justin Valero

and I want to change the way California does politics.


I am running for the 57th Assembly district because, like you, I feel that we deserve a better brand of politician than what Sacramento expects us to tolerate. A true public servant listens more than lectures, and what I have heard from you is that you're tired of politics as usual. Too many of our politicians come from the revolving door of political insiders. Well, I'm different. My career is as an educator, not a born and bred politico.


 I'm a teacher at a CSU, San Bernardino where every day my job is to help prepare the next generation for the challenges of the world. Unfortunately, some politicians in Sacramento have been more interested in protecting their career than protecting our future. There are challenges that we must face together to make sure that we all can have a better life.


 We can do these things. We just need our politicians in Sacramento to have the courage to take on these challenges. I have that courage. Unlike some politicians, whose careers depend on keeping big donors, corporations, and special interests happy, my career in public service is based in education. I have devoted my life to public service whether it is in the classroom or Sacramento. I don't have to satisfy big corporations to keep a career, I have to satisfy you, the people of our district.


Thats why I proud to say that my campaign is funded by you, my friends and neighbors, not faceless corporations. A true public servant remembers where they came from and does whats best for their constituents, not their political career or their high priced donors. Sacramento hasn't gotten the message that politics as usual isn't usual anymore. Your support in this campaign will send that message loud and clear. Let's change the way California does politics.



Justin Valero - District 57


Justin Valero has spent his entire life in our 57th Assembly District. As a young man, he volunteered his time knocking on doors and making phone calls for various Democratic campaigns. As a college student, he taught speech and debate at El Monte High School and tutored grade schoolers in phonics and English.


Justin attended Whittier College, earning his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies. He went on to earn his Master's Degree in National Security Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. Upon graduating with honors, he was offered a faculty position at 25 years old. He continues to teach at CSUSB and has been invited on a number of occasions to lecture at Whittier College.

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Justin Valero - DISTRICT 57




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